Designing for Growth

I am a Lead Product Designer at Burner, a company that untethers phone numbers from devices. With Burner, you can set up different numbers as easily as you set up emails and you can connect them to other apps like Slack, Google and Dropbox.

Before Burner, I worked for Carbon Five, Neo and Kluge with notable clients including Toyota, Nissan,, Deloitte, Prosper and Joyable. Previous to digital, I worked in set design, coordinating art departments for TV shows (Dexter, The Office, Party Down, Lie to Me). While I now work in software, I am always looking for ways to expand the field of user experience design. You can see more of what I mean in my talk "Mise En World."

Mission & Process

I believe that design can and should provide measurable value. A design can only be as successful as its impact. The challenge is often that impact is hard to measure.

My best work starts with talking to customers and understanding their behavior and environment (customer development). I take a UX approach to metrics as well, defining event names as if they are user-facing and documenting how to pull analytic reports so it's hard to screw up. We often measure too many things and document very little of it. Data is only as good as the humans who interpret it. I find that if you talk to people and measure actual behavior, design becomes more science than art.

I use five key tactics to build apps and websites: sketching, customer development, prototyping, continuous deployment and simple data. 



Customer Development




Continuous Deployment


Simple data