Alexa Roman

I'm a digital Product Designer who works through the lens of growth.

I work at InVision where I help create tools for designers to collaborate with their teams. I believe that design can and should provide measurable value. Design can only be as successful as its impact. I've spent many years helping companies design products and services with measurable success. Before InVision, I was the Lead Product Designer at Burner, working across design, research and data. Previously, I worked for Carbon Five, Neo and Kluge with notable clients including Toyota, Nissan,, Deloitte, Prosper and Joyable. I spent my early career in set design, coordinating art departments for TV shows (Dexter, The Office, Party Down). 

While I now work in software, I am always looking for ways to expand the field of user experience design. I cross-train in industrial design and business. You can learn more about my vision for user experience teams in my talk: "Mise En World."

Mission & Process

My best work starts with talking to customers and understanding their behavior and environment (customer development). I use Ash Maurya's problem and solution interview style to dig into existing behaviors with the target market.

With insights from the customer development process, I develop flows and maps - refining interfaces and interactions as we gain certainty about how to solve problems. As I raise fidelity, I define key metrics and lightweight tests to validate we're on the right track.

I take a UX approach to metrics as well, defining event names as if they are user-facing and documenting how to pull analytic reports so it's hard to screw up. We often measure too many things and document very little of it. Data is only as good as the humans who interpret it. I find that if you talk to people and measure actual behavior, design becomes more science than art.


BA, Visual Art/Art History, Emory University

Additional coursework:

  • Sketching for Designers, Art Center at Night
  • General Management, Harrison Metal
  • Ideation Sketching, California College of the Arts Extension
  • Intro to Communication Design, California College of the Arts Extension
  • User Experience Design, UCLA Extension
  • Designing Viable Online Products: Where User Experience and Business Strategy Meet, UCLA Extension
  • Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society, University of Pennsylvania Online
  • Human-Computer Interaction, Stanford University Online
  • Design Thinking, Stanford University Online