While most of my work is in apps and experiences, I also create websites to promote products, services and small businesses.

This is a small collection of websites I've built using Squarespace. I use Squarespace mainly because it's fast to spin up and I can build these pages myself, without a developer. It serves most small business or project websites and they maintain their own updates and security. 


JR School of Film

LA-based Film school offering classes in producing and directing for working professionals.

Custom College Planning

Individualized college services for high school students in Atlanta, Georgia.

Just Chorizo Productions, Inc.

Production company creating features and short films.

Drive-In Dance

Website for my dance and choreographic projects.

LA Dance Film Festival

LA Dance Film Festival

Short film festival featuring dance films coming January 2017.

Drive-In Digital

Drive-In Digital

In-progress landing page for specialty conversion work.